The Cell ID feature allows you to see the current location of your AlfaGSM from 100 up to 2000 meters accuracy.

You can see the location of each AlfaGSM that belongs to your account.

The new version of geopositioning service Cell ID is available now. Now the validity of package is 30 days starting with the activation date (previously it was determined by calendar month). Your customer has the opportunity to finish using package that was ordered before the new Cell ID version.

Available packages:

Package 1 – 100 requests at cost 1.00 EUR

Package 2 – 1500 requests at cost 5.00 EUR

Please pay attention to the following:

  • Package validity time is determined by a month starting from the
    activation date. 
  • Package activation and termination time is defined by time GMT+2 (3).
  • Customers can order several packages with the limit 10 000 requests per month per SIM card. For example, customer would like to purchase 3 packages nr. 1 and 4 packages nr. 2. The total sum is 6300 requests per calendar month. In case total sum of the requests exceeds the limit, purchase will be rejected. For example, customer has already ordered 9 000 requests and would like to order 1 500 more. 9 000 + 1 500 =
    10 500 requests - that exceeds the limit and purchase will be rejected. 
  • If customer has ordered more than one package, then the expense of
    available requests is being made from the package which has the closest expiration date. If the customer has two similar packages, the system starts using the packages one by one.